Angel’s Ride

CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE Bass was divine. Humans and their mundane thoughts had so much...divinity they never even recognized. The combination of creativity, focus, and synergy required to make any music was astounding. It was a form of Heaven on Earth humans could actively experience, though they never fully understood it. Making great music... Continue Reading →

Angel First

CONTENT WARNING: Explicit Sex and Violence The building was falling apart. It was the first thing I noticed. Standing across the street, I could clearly make out signs of decay in paint and structure. It was a fire hazard and a dump that looked as if it hadn’t been tended to since the last day... Continue Reading →

Angel Answers

I came to sitting in the office chair. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I could feel the bubbling creep of my power, pushing against invisible barriers, trying to make its way out. Nothing worked. I closed my eyes and focused. I located my bruises and injuries then set about healing myself from the... Continue Reading →

Angel Clarity

“What do you mean I’m fucked? Are the dramatics tied to that damn knife at your side? Because, this go-round, you’ve been on one, more than usual.” Raph chuckled, shaking her head. “On one? Brother, I’m on nothing but the truth.” Clenching my jaw I felt my muscles tense in frustration. It was annoying being... Continue Reading →

Angelically Hypnotic

The energy in the brownstone was tense. Last time, in Washington, everyone was on guard, shuffling to and fro, but this was different. There was a convergence of energy and power that tickled across the top layers of - everything. My thoughts. My skin. That constant pulsing existence that allowed me access to Yahweh’s faith... Continue Reading →

Angel’s Lair

I stared down at Phoenix in their crib. They were knocked out. They were half cuddled with the stuffed Gnome Angel -  Gnomegel - in their crib and half swaddled. I obviously hadn’t done the swaddling thing correctly. With the wave of a finger, I corrected the error. I leaned over then, placing Gnomegel further... Continue Reading →

Angel Return Delivery

I woke up slowly. It was a new thing because usually I was asleep and then just suddenly aware. Apparently, being the father of a new life made me more tired than I could have imagined. It was immediately apparent what had eased me awake: the sounds of Phoenix fussing, just a little, beside me. ... Continue Reading →

Angel Wings Revealed

Something strange was going on. I knew something was off in the Sanctum. It made me anxious, almost obsessed with being gone. I was always milliseconds from throwing Medea over my shoulder and phasing us to our home on the beach. I kept hearing the words “something wicked this way comes.” I was not one... Continue Reading →

Angelic Keys to Chaos

She was the most beautiful being I’d ever seen. You know, the kind of beauty that inspires those pulse racing moments. The moments Hollywood sucks at displaying but still keeps humans craving and coming back for more. The kind of beauty you’re so happy to be near your whole aura just lights up when it... Continue Reading →

Angel Softened

Coffee. It’s my favorite thing.  I’ve said it before, but it’s something that bears repeating. It starts as a little bean; it goes through all this gruelling crap, for the sake of who knows what. Then, Bean Guy gets milled, graded, roasted, ground - basically destroyed bit-by-bit. After all that, Bean Guy still manages to... Continue Reading →

Not My Angel’s Keeper

I was flying - figuratively - down the last main road to Lycaon’s McMansion that he liked to think of as “just a cabin in the woods.” The first thing to vanish was the music. Almost simultaneously, the car began to shake - like a breakdancer during an earthquake - before shuttering to a halt. ... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Angel

“My curiosity rises by 150%. If Lycaon reached out to the she-demon first woman, that means he is severely desperate.” I like it sweet. Lots of people love it hot and bitter. But yeah, I prefer mine tooth aching sweet and the color of caramel.  I also don’t have to worry about things like diabetes... Continue Reading →

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