No Honeymoons For Angels

”She stood on the balcony of our new bedroom. The lush gardens directly below the balcony were picturesque, but it was the sight of her that made my heart race.”

There was a low hum in the air as I phased into the room. Phoenix was asleep, their finger wrapped tightly around the hat of Gnomgel. A wave of calm crested over me. This was home. 

Home. This was home? 

The world seemed to tilt. I collapsed against the wall, feeling slightly dizzy. The pile of supplies on their changing table almost fell to the floor, but I quickly vanished them into the ether even as I fought to balance myself while not making a sound.

I needed to be quiet. But…why?

My head throbbed as I fought to remember something that was battling very hard to go unrealized.

The room was soundproofed. 

Sound could get out but not in. We could do battle or destroy the house with our love making, and Phoenix would never hear a peep. But if a cry ushered from their lips we’d hear it as soon as it hit the air. Medea had spelled…

I fell to my knees, a chiming ring sounding in my head. My hands clasped at my skull, pushing inward, trying to get the sound to stop. I struggled to get one eye open. Looking over at Phoenix, they were still asleep as the sound tried to tear my skull apart. Apparently it rang just for me.

Breathing deep, I forced myself to focus. On Phoenix. On laughter. The beach. Medea. I fell backwards, my eyes closing tight. What was I thinking? Surely someone would hear me soon. Surely someone would…I thought of music. 

I began humming softly, hoping the rhythm would counter the buzzing in my head. I loved music, probably more than I loved coffee, but not more than I loved Carmen. Light. Life. Everything. She was everything. She was mine. Carmen. The humming continued, and the buzzing faded away as I stood slowly. I knew what I needed to do.

I continued humming as I began to move swiftly around Phoenix’s room, packing a bag, grabbing their things. Then I carefully gathered them and Gnomgel from the crib. “Time to go meet, ma-ma,” I whispered on a sing-song hum before phasing away.


Carmen was once again dressed in white. This time it was a white wrap blouse, matching skirt, and high boots, all in milk white leather. Her black hair framed her beautiful face, playing peekaboo with high cheekbones that were accentuated by full pouty lips marked by jet black lipstick. 

She stood on the balcony of our new bedroom. The lush gardens directly below the balcony were picturesque, but it was the sight of her that made my heart race. 

“You are beautiful,” I said softly, placing Phoenix’s bags down on the small bench near the end of the bed.

She smiled, softly, the darkness in her eyes fading a bit as she looked from Phoenix’s face to mine. “It’s because I am yours.”

I didn’t understand her response, but I quickly closed the gap between us and took her lips with my own. “Say it,” she demanded against my lips, her tone breathy.

“You’re mine,” I responded, pulling back slowly.

“And you are mine,” she growled, before pulling away and reaching for Phoenix. “How’s your head?”

I passed a still sleeping Phoenix over to her and frowned. “It’s okay, better since the buzzing stopped.”

“You must control yourself, Gabby. The buzzing is dangerous for you. Don’t incapacitate yourself, Phoenix needs you. I need you.”

“But I…” I rubbed my hands through my locs in frustration. I hated feeling fucking confused. A thought occurred as Phoenix began to yawn. “Wait, how did you know?”

She turned, the smile she’d had for a slowly waking Phoenix leaving her face, her eyebrow arching in question as she looked at me.

“The buzzing, in my head, how’d you know about it?”

“Because you belong to me and I’ll never lose you,” she paused, growling, pulling Phoenix a little too tightly against her as she continued, “or let you leave me, again. We are bonded, I know all.”

“What does that mean?”

Before she could answer, vivid purple, sleep-filled eyes popped open and Phoenix began to wail. I’d never heard them cry so hard in their lives. I’m not sure I’d ever heard a being cry that loud in my existence. 

“It means get our miracle a bottle,” she answered over the screams, as though she hadn’t even heard them. 

I leaned forward. “Ok, love,” I muttered before kissing Phoenix’s forehead. I attempted to pull back, but they’d grabbed a firm hold on my ear and wouldn’t let go. If I didn’t know better I would swear the screaming had intensified.

My eardrums definitely thought it had.

I reached out for Phoenix, to take them with me, but Carmen sidestepped and moved away. 

“Get the bottle, Gabby.” Her eyes were fire red, and Phoenix wailed louder. 

My face scrunched up in confusion. She wouldn’t give them to me. They didn’t like her. Something was wrong. This was wrong. 


Gnomegel flew out of Phoenix’s bags from where they sat on the bench. It somersaulted, comically, through the air, landing with a squishy thunk on Carmen’s face. Had Phoenix done that?

“What the fuck!” She exclaimed, glaring at me, then down at Phoenix before tossing Gnomegel against the wall.

Phoenix kicked and wailed, but I used the moment to step in and lift them from Carmen’s arms. It worked, but I had the feeling it would never work again. I turned quickly, picking up the diaper bag, Phoenix’s wailing stopping almost instantly. “Be back in a sec. A warm bottle and a pamper change should help their mood.” 

“It fucking better,” she called after me as we crossed the threshold of the door.

Once in the hall, I looked left then right in confusion. Where the fuck was the kitchen? Or Phoenix’s bedroom? This place was massive. It was weird. A fortress. Definitely not home. 

A crushing pain spiked through my head, and I almost dropped Phoenix. Clutching them close, I decided to go left. The pain eased off even as we found ourselves amid a maze of hallways and rooms with not a kitchen in sight. 

I talked to Phoenix as I searched. They kicked and cooed with not a tear in sight. 

Standing in the middle of our third left turn, I looked around. We were completely alone. I hadn’t seen a single staff member. It was weird. The place was fucking huge, staff should have been everywhere. Out of the blue I got the urge to try something. 

Looking down at Phoenix I smiled at them, “I love you.”

Their eyes lit up, so bright and vibrant purple. A smile curved their lips and their fingers reached toward mine.

Okay. So, they heard and understood me clearly. 

Glancing around quickly to make sure we were still alone, I glanced back down. I let Phoenix clasp my finger then said softly, “Carmen.”

A piercing scream tore from their lungs and their once vibrant eyes turned dark purple. 

Fuck. Phoenix hated Carmen. Something was definitely wrong with my new wife.

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